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About Malibu Lifestyle Coaching

Lisa Childress, Ed.D.
Founder & Clean Eating Coach

B.A.,University of Virginia,
Ed.M., Harvard University,
Ed.D., George Washington University


Certified Health Coach, Health Coach Institute
Certified Life Coach,  Health Coach Institute

Dr. Lisa is the founder of Malibu Lifestyle Coaching and a trusted voice in clean eating coaching. With a background as an international career coach and author, Lisa's passion for clean eating was sparked while balancing a busy life and the desire to stay fit and healthy.

Driven by her own experiences, Lisa dedicated years to researching and experimenting with healthy eating methods. Now, she's excited to share her knowledge through the 90-Day Clean Eating Total Transformation Program.


Combining her expertise as a professional development coach, clean eating researcher, and dual-certified life coach and health coach, Dr. Lisa is committed to helping busy individuals lead their best lives through clean eating.

When she's not coaching, you can find Lisa running outdoors with her golden retriever, cheering on her kids in baseball, softball, basketball, & soccer, and supporting her actor son in film and TV auditions and jobs.

Join Dr. Lisa at Malibu Lifestyle Coaching and unleash the power of clean eating to live your best life.

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